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Who we are


Adelante Bike Tours Barcelona was created by two enthusiasts of both bicycles and Barcelona city: Michelle Ventocilla and Jan Fangmeier.

We have been living in Barcelona for more than 10 years and have been working on common different bike projects and inside the bicycle industry for many years: rentals, workshops, shops, bike tours…

Since 2017 we work together among the motto another biketouring is possible for Adelante Bike Tours Barcelona. We believe there’s another way of doing tours, making them more friendly both for the customer and for the city. We have plenty of bike tours available, just check them out!


My name is Michelle, I am from Germany. One day I came to visit Barcelona, this lovely Mediterranean pearl, and now it is 15 years that i live here!

The weather helps, and everywhere you look you see history and beauty: that’s something that fascinated me about this city. There is so much life on the street and for me it’s best to experience it with the bike.

When I first arrived to Barcelona in 2003 there were no bike lanes, but now we have over 200 km of them and more are coming for the next years!

Come to Adelante Bike Tours whenever you want and join me and my friends on a bike ride through Barcelona, I promise you: it’s the best way to discover it!

See you soon!


The city of Barcelona is like an open book, writer Silvia Suarez said in her book “1001 Curiosidades De Barcelona”. This is one of the reasons why I decided to live in Barcelona 10 years ago and one of the reasons why I am working as a tour guide since 2011.

I love cycling and I have more than 25 years of experience in film, movie business and cultural projects so I brought my interests together: I was always fascinated by beautiful images, communication, rhythm, music, history and moving my body and soul on a bicycle -always with a little Rock’n Roll spirit.

My backup in Adelante Bike Tours is my best friend, business partner and tour companion Michelle. And we promise you: each one of our bike tours is a fascinating experience far from the touristy mainstream.

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