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Discover Barcelona with a private bike tour guide

Daily Bike Tours around Barcelona

Everyday we organise two different bike tours

Premium Bike Tours Barcelona

Extra large bike tours for the super active Barcelona visitors

Bike Tours Barcelona

Check out our Barcelona bike tours, guided in English, German, Spanish and French

We have daily tours and can organise private, group and personalised bike tours too!

In Adelante Bike Tours we will take you around the Eixample, the Born and Gothic Quarter, barceloneta beach (and all the other beaches in the city), and almost to every hidden spot we can find fun to visit and explore. 

We have guides that speak  Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch

Be sure you get your spot on one of our tours!

In this 2020 we are coming with some new tours that will help you understand better the catalan culture and appreciate more this region of Spain. Check all the tours in this page or in the Tours Page.


 Daily bike tours 

We organize daily bike tours around Barcelona city, so that way you can know the hotspots of Barcelona in a few hours while you move in a quick yet eco-friendly way. Forget about the walking tours that leave you exhausted and take half day: come with us on a city bike to explore Barcelona in a fun and great way.

For those who want to go further but are worried about fatigue we have the option of an e-bike. An electric bike will help you pedal more and hill up with no effort: go up Montjuic Mountain for some sightseeing and reach FC Barcelona stadium in little time on electric bike.

daily bike tour barcelona

Daily Bike Tour Barcelona

All you need to know about Barcelona in 3 hours

Let experienced guides take you to the highlights and hidden corners of the city of Barcelona. A bike tour for all ages.

Schedule for the Daily Highlight Tour:

– EN: 10.00h and 14.00h

– DE: 10.30h and 16.00h

– FR: 11.00h

Electric Daily Bike Tour Barcelona

Daily E-Bike Tour Barcelona

Reach the hotspots outside of the center on e-bike!

The Fútbol Club Barcelona Stadium and Montjuïc Mountain are an easy ride when you have an e-bike.

The route will finish with a stop near the beach.

Just 6 spots available every day

Schedule for the Daily E-Bike Tour:

– Everyday: 10.30h

 Cultural bike tours 

Barcelona is famous for many things, but you can be sure that architecture is one of them. Antoni Gaudí was one of the most influential architects in modern history, and Barcelona is home of almost every work we worked on: Casa Milà (La Pedrera), Batlló, works in Raval, Gràcia and Born quarters, having the culmination of his work on the Sagrada Familia basilic. Our Bike Tour Sagrada Familia or Gaudí Bike Tour is the perfect tour to meet Antoni Gaudí’s works along with interesting facts about the catalan culture. Antoni Gaudí heritage is one of Barcelona’s biggest attractions.

Food is as well closely related with Barcelona’s and spanish culture, having the tapa as its most outstanding element. So if you would like to combine sightseeing around the streets of Barcelona with some food and wine tasting, our Tapas City Tours give you a fun chance to put together both things. Explore Barcelona making a delicious stop during the tour. 

sagrada familia on a bike tour

Gaudí Bike Tour

The history of the architecture, music and art of Barcelona in 3,5 hours

In this tour you will be able to go on a bicycle straight into the music, art, culture, literature and film history of Barcelona.

We will have a look at the most iconic buldings of the Modernisme style, including the Sagrada Familia, the master work of Antoni Gaudí

This tour includes a bottle of water and a small tapas snack in a local bar in the price

tapas bar in barcelona

Tapas Bike Tour

Visit the most iconic spots of the city with a stop to enjoy some real tapas

Barcelona has lots of hidden spots. If you want to visit them all in one day you better be ready to walk all day… or get a bike.

In this tour we will be wandering around the Eixample, the old districts of Ciutat Vella and will reach the port of the city.

During this tour we will be stopping for 45 minutes in a restaurant to enjoy some tapas

Spanish Tapas Bike Tour

Night Tapas Bike Tour

Visit the city at night making a stop for enjoying some real spanish tapas

All the cities at night can have a totally different face, and Barcelona obviously is not the exception.

Visit Barcelona after the sun has gone and discover the most iconic nightlife scenery of the city.

During this tour we will be making a stoppie to enjoy some spanish tapas

 Special bike tours 

We have available tours for all kinds of groups and interests. Enjoy cycling with your family or friends and explore way beyond the popular attractions. If you would like to visit some specific area of Barcelona city, enjoy a tour that goes a step forward in terms of time, distance or duration and will take more than 4 hours to be finished, or you just simply want to combine a bike ride with some other activity, these tours here below may be what you are looking for. Our special bike tours are a great chance to take your cycling trips to another level.

6 hours bike tour

Premium Bike Tour

6 hours on a bicycle around Barcelona

Visit almost everything you need to visit in Barcelona in this extra large tour.

Coffee, lunch and a bottle of water are included in the price

tibidabo mountain church and theme park on a ebike tour

Tibidabo E-Bike Tour

Go up the iconic mountain outside Barcelona

Mount Tibidabo offers one of the nicest panoramic vies of the whole city.

Coffee, lunch and a bottle of water are included in the price

bicycle next to a fishing boat during our maresme bike tour

Maresme Bike Tour

The coast north Barcelona is worth visiting too

Maresme beautiful region has always been closely related to Barcelona city.

Coffee, lunch and a bottle of water are included in the price

bike tour and sail a boat in barcelona

Pedal & Sail Tour

Combine a bike tour with sailing on a boat

We will take you through the fishermen’s quarter and then on a sailing boat.

Coffee, appetizers and a bottle of water are included in the price

 Historical bike tours 

Barcelona is famous for many things, and some of these things are not written in the travel guides. The following tours will take you around the city to know about its best kept secrets: the history of the streets of Barcelona during the 20th century, get to know about the city street art,  Barcelona as a set for many popular movies you may have watched, what happened in the city during the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War… If you would like to get in depth in every place you visit while you cycle around with us the following tours are designed for you.

barceloneta street during a bike tour

Secret Quarters Bike Tour

Barcelona has a lot more to offer apart from what you can read in the guides

The Secret Quarters Bike Tour will take you to some of the great hidden spots of the city of Barcelona so you can discover how fishermen, industry workers and the city itself were living during the mid 20th century.

Max 6 people per tour

In this tour you will be able to get a swim, so bring your swim suit!

vicky cristina barcelona movie poster

Movie Spots Bike Tour

Almodóvar, Woody Allen… visit the most iconic movie spots of the city of Barcelona

Many movie directors have chosen Barcelona as their movie set. Follow us on this tour to know the most iconic little spots seen in some of the most renowned movies of all times.

This tour will take you through the Eixample and the city center of Barcelona

The price includes a small tapas snack and a bottle of water 

Italian aviation bombing in Barcelona

Spanish Civil War Bike Tour

Barcelona was almost the last spanish city in falling under fascist control during the war

During the conflict Barcelona lived some of the most iconic events of the time and was one of the fiercest source of resistance against the spanish fascist army.

Even George Orwell wrote a book about those days: Homage to Catalonia

We are still preparing that new tour for 2020, more news soon!

 College and Schools Bike Tour 


We organise bike tour for schools and colleges

If you are visiting the city along with a group of students and you want them to enjoy a more cultural experience while in Barcelona a very good idea is organising a bike tour around the city. We can organise Barcelona EBikes tours if you prefer. 

Through a school bike tour they will be able to know about the culture and the history of this iconic mediterranean city during their school trip.

We organise bike tours for schools working side by side with some of the most renowned institutions in Europe, like:

– CTS Corporate Travel Services

– HEROLÉ-Reisen GmbH

During our school bike tours there’s the option of enjoying some spanish tapas during the tour

Check out the details below to know more about our college bike tours

college and school bike tours

College Bike Tours

We can organise bike tours for schools and colleges, even including a tapas snack

Offer your students a unique experience during their visit to Barcelona.

We have extensive experience in school and college bike tours

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.” 

Ernest Hemingway   

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  • All tours are also available on e-bikes, for an additional charge of 30,00 €
  • All tours are available with vintage bikes at an additional charge of 15 € and for a maximum of 5 people
  • On request, we organize group tours for school groups, student groups or company excursions. Available in German, English and French.
  • Child seats, helmets, bike bags and water bottles are available on request.
  • We can make Bike Rental for various sports and leisure activities.

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